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Members please check this page often for info on clan

-=Jrc=- is back to almost full activity, we are now opening back up recruiting as of today, and should have a few new recruits soon.
Everyone give a big hand to new hall of shame ex-member Hapsta.
I noticed the IP's of alot of members have been on our forums, but very few of you have registered. I congratulate the few who have, and the ones who dont stay active might be in line for a demotion of rank.

Oh boy, JRC isnt currently recruiting as of today, all activities are on hold due to my DSL being shut off, teamspeak server is off too.

Jrc public server is down and probably wont be up for a LONG time due to alot of errors in our server engine.
Any member with a fast connection who would like to install Source Dedicated Server for free, and download Mani Admin plugin, could be subject to a very large rank promotion and full admin capabilities.
For all mebers who are up to this, it is completely free and I can show you how to get it set up.

Due to not having six solid CAL members, JRC has missed the deadline for this season, not to worry there is always next season just around the bend. Expect intense team training in the upcoming future.

After numerous meetings we have all CAL issues fixed and team setup is decided on.We still need a few more players and are waiting on some recruits to get promotion. 
CAL team start delayed due to captain being away on leave.
Clan rank changes have been made. Recruits now have more leverage on getting their status upped.

JRC Message Board removed, new forum is up and running. All members please sign up ASAP.

Server connection issues fixed.
Teamspeak server back up and in use.

Clan back recruiting, and becoming fully active.
Jrc to join CAL-Open soon, and setting up CAL team.

-=Jrc=- page changes and server updates.

Some news not posted...

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